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Tweasel update #4: Request database, tracker documentation and legal research

Our tweasel updates are back after the summer. We have made our request data publicly available, such that anyone can run SQL queries against our datasets. We have also better documented many of our TrackHAR adapters. Furthermore, we have begun doing legal research to inform our decisions on how to establish tracker IDs as personal data in our complaints.

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Tweasel update #2: Stability, simplicity and some data

We update you on our progress with the tweasel project. We worked on improving the stability of the tools and added many simplifications to the setup process and user experience in general. We also investigated problems with the certificate pinning.

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Tweasel update #1: Building libraries and automating setup

We update you on our progress with the tweasel project. We have released first versions of our libraries and tools for instrumenting and analyzing mobile apps and their traffic. We have worked on automating the installation of dependencies and device setup. We have launched our documentation website for tracking endpoints and their data. We have also given a talk at FireShonks event and a presentation to the EDPB tech advisory board.

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