Open Source

Open Source is at the very core of We have designed the project from the ground up to be as open as possible. Our constitution requires us to publish our content under free licenses.

We are huge proponents of Open Source and believe in it.

Our Open Source repositories

Here is an overview of important repositories that we have created—directly or indirectly—for They are of course published under free licenses. We invite you to take a look behind the curtain, contribute or use our work for your own projects!

Some of the development work is currently done on a private GitLab instance. We do however mirror all commits to GitHub and still welcome issues and pull requests through the GitHub mirror repositories, of course.



MIT License

The website you are currently on. This repository not only contains the content but also the code for the generator, the privacy controls and more.
The site is designed to be primarily static and runs on Hugo and Preact.

The website for e. V., the non-profit behind this project, is managed through the separate verein-website repository.

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The data behind the project. This includes our company and supervisory authority databases but also the sample letters.
The repository is structured as a collection of plain text files that are both human- and machine-readable.

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We also want to run the non-profit behind this project, e. V., as openly and transparently as possible. Thus, this repository contains important documents with their change histories.

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MIT License

A simple, privacy-focussed and easy-to-deploy engine to build custom comment solutions, hosted on AWS.

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Open Source projects used by us

In keeping with the spirit of Open Source, we not only maintain our own Open Source projects but also make heavy use of others for our work.

We are proud to be able to use the following projects for this website. Huge thanks to the authors who have decided to enable others to use their valuabe work!

Autocomplete.js by Algolia, Inc. (MIT License)

Fira Sans by The Mozilla Foundation and Telefonica S.A. (OFL 1.1)

Free 3 of 9 font by Matthew Welch (MIT License)

Humaaans by Pablo Stanley (CC BY 4.0)

iconmonstr Icons by Alexander Kahlkopf (iconmonstr License)

JavaScript Cookie by Klaus Hartl, Fagner Brack and GitHub Contributors (MIT License)

json-forms by Ignacio del Valle Alles (Apache License 2.0)

League Spartan by Micah Rich (OFL 1.1)

localForage by Mozilla (Apache License 2.0)

pdfmake by bpampuch (MIT License)

Preact by Jason Miller (MIT License)

preact-compat by Jason Miller (MIT License)

preact-i18n by Synacor, Inc. (BSD 3-Clause)

preact-portal by Jason Miller (MIT License)

React Joyride by Gil Barbara (MIT License)

react-scrollspy by makotot (MIT License)

Roboto by Christian Robertson (Apache License 2.0)

typesense-js by Wreally Studios (Apache License 2.0)