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Who we are


We are the e. V., a non-profit running the website (as well as their German, French, Spanish, Croatian, and Portuguese translations,,,,, and We are on a mission to advance data protection and privacy in Europe and beyond. We want to help you exercise your human right to privacy and set an example of how to do thorough data protection without being annoying because we believe privacy should be the default option.

What we do


We develop and run a platform that can help you exercise your rights concerning you data. To do so, we provide and curate a database of companies which operate in the EEA. In there, we collect their contact details for privacy-related questions and gather information on their request practices. All of that can be fed into the generator, allowing you to quickly create requests to all companies who might deal with your data. We keep it up to date and try our best to add even more features to help you with your requests. We also provide and create educational material teaching EU citizens about their privacy laws and how and why to care about their privacy.

Why we exist


We started our journey in the early year 2018 because we saw the GDPR approaching and wanted to promote the rights it facilitates for EU citizens. We made it our task to go against the misinformation that was spread with the upcoming 25th of March and we wanted to make it easy for people to use their rights without working themselves through law documents and company websites. But our journey will not end here, we are going to continue to improve the websites and launch new projects protecting your privacy in the future.