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Thank you for considering a supporting membership in the e. V.! As a supporting member you support the association sustainably and regularly to set a sign for data protection.

Because we are recognized as a charitable organisation by the German tax authorities, we are able to give you a donation verification for your membership fees, so that you might be able to deduct it from your tax returns (please check with your local tax code).

To become a supporting member, you’ll only have to fill out the membership application (German only). Please then send the finished form via email (as filled out PDF or scan/image) to, via fax to +49 531 209299 36 or via mail to the following address: e. V., c/o Benjamin Altpeter, Schreinerweg 6, 38126 Braunschweig, Germany.
We will contact you subsequently to tell you whether your application had been accepted and to agree on a payment method.

Download membership application

Questions and Answers

  • How expensive is a membership?
    The minimum membership fee for the supporting membership is set by the assembly and is currently 32,00 € per year. You can also decide to pay an arbitrarily higher fee.

    More information can be found in our fee regulation.

  • Is there a reduced membership fee?
    According to our fee regulation membership fees can be reduced or even completely removed in two cases:

    If you are still a minor, you will be completely free of any fee duties. If you want, you can still pay an (arbitrary) membership fee, but you don’t need to. For your membership, however, we will then need the written consent of your legal guardians.

    If you are unable (or unwilling) to pay the membership fee for any other reason, you can informally apply not to with out any problem. The board (and also the assembly) are allowed to reduce your membership fee. Just file your application informally together with your membership application.

    Important: Please do not send us proof in any case! All reductions and exemptions are based only on trust – we neither are allowed to nor want to check anything.

  • How can I pay for my membership?
    Currently we offer payment via bank transfer and SEPA direct debit. After we accepted your application, we will contact you to negotiate the payment.

    We are working on adding additional payment methods and we will happily arrange something, if you want to pay in a different way. Just contact us.

  • How can I terminate my membership?
    Event though we are very happy to have you as a member, we still want to make it easy for you to leave again, if you change your mind. The membership termination is regulated by section 4.2 of our constitution: You can always indicate the termination in informal writing. As soon as we confirmed your termination, it is active immediately. There are no constructed termination limits or comparable. Please be aware that we are not able to refund already paid membership fees.

  • I want to change my membership fee. How do I do that?
    This is regulated by our fee regulation: You can indicate a change of your personal membership fee at any time to the board (the minimum fee is of course still active). The change will be active in the following year of your membership.

  • How can I deduct the membership fee in my tax returns?
    Being a charitable organisation we are allowed to issue donation verifications for your membership fees which you can then use to deduct it in your tax returns (only in Germany, foreign tax codes might not recognise donations to foreign organisations). Unfortunately, we will need you address for that. If you already entered your address in the application, we will send you your verification without your assistance. If you didn’t, but you still want a donation verification, please contact the board.

  • Where can I go for other questions?
    For all questions about the membership (and everything else that concerns the association) the board is there for you. You can reach us the easiest via email at, but of course also via all other contact methods you find on the board webpage.