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All important business of the association is conducted by the executive board. According to our constitution, the board is composed of two equal chairpersons, who represent the association jointly, and an arbitrary number of assessors, who check and support the board in its work. The current board has been elected in the general assembly on July 16, 2020, and consists of:

You can contact the board through several different ways:

  • via email to (PGP key 2E72 EA5B DDE3 1730 58D7  F87D A0C1 C012 3E2B 296B)
  • via phone at +49 531 209299 35 (no business hours)
  • via fax at +49 531 209299 36
  • via mail to
    Vorstand e. V.
    Schreinerweg 6
    38126 Braunschweig