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This table is a short overview of the membership fees:

Membership Minimum fee
active 16,00 €/a
supporting 32,00 €/a
minors (both) 0,00 €/a

The following fee regulation has been decided by the founding assembly on June 14, 2018 (only the German version is legally binding):

The membership fee has to be paid annually.
The minimum fee for active members is 16,00 €. The minimum fee for supporting members is 32,00 €. In both cases, the member can decide to pay an arbitrarily higher amount.
A change of the personal membership fee (considering the minimum fees) can be indicated to the board at any time with the change being valid for the following payment year.

Members who are also minors are not required to pay membership fees. They can choose an arbitrary membership fee (including 0,00 € and onwards).
The board as well as the general assembly are allowed to reduce or remove fees for individual members at their own discretion. The classification as minor or other reductions/exemptions are all solely based on trust. In no case is a proof necessary.

Founding members can choose not to pay the membership fee. They are explicitly exempted by the founding assembly.

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