In order for you to be able to trust us, we pledged to be as transparent as possible about our procedures, finances and decisions. Because of that, we have joined the Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society, an initiative by the German branch of Transparency International, which is allowed to audit us on a sample basis. They ensure that we will keep our promise of transparent management. On this page we summarized all the important information that we publish as part of that.

This information has been last updated on May 08, 2020.

1. Name, registered seat, address and date of foundation

This information is also avilable in our imprint.

  • Name: e. V.
  • Registered seat: Braunschweig, Germany
  • Register: Register of associations of the district court of Braunschweig
  • Registration number: VR 201732
  • Address: e. V
    Schreinerweg 6
    38126 Braunschweig
  • Date of foundation: June 14, 2018
  • Transparency correspondent: Benjamin Altpeter ( or via the address mentioned above)

2. Constitution and purpose

We publish the complete constitution of our association on this website and on GitHub.

Our purpose is the same as stated in our constitution but we also compiled and explained it here.

3. Information on tax privileges

The tax office Braunschweig-Wilhelmstraße approved us as a public benefit organisation by the most recent notice from January 13, 2020 (German) for the promotion of consumer counselling and protection as well as the advancement of the democratic government. We have been assigned the following tax identification number: 14/209/11640

4. Name and function of significant decision makers

The association is managed by the board. It is comprised of:

  • Benjamin Altpeter, Chairman
  • Lorenz Sieben, Chairman

There are currently no assessors on the board.

5. Report of activities

see Yearly report 2018 (German, p. 5 ff.)
see Yearly report 2019 (German, p. 5 ff.)

6. Staff structure

The association has no staff.

Number of volunteers: 2

7. Funding sources

see Yearly report 2018 (German, p. 9 f.)
see Yearly report 2019 (German, p. 10 f.)

Financial assets at the end of 2018: 119,70 €
Financial assets at the end of 2018: 87,90 €

8. Use of funds

see Yearly report 2018 (German, p. 9 f.)
see Yearly report 2019 (German, p. 10 f.)

9. Corporate relationships with third parties

The association is in no corporate relationships with any third parties.

10. Names of entities whose donations make up more than 10% of the yearly budget

The information is based on the yearly report of 2019 (German).


  • Anonymous membership fee: 128 €
  • Anonymous membership fee: 42 €
  • Anonymous membership fee: 36 €
  • non-recurring donation (anonymous): 50 €


  • Membership fee by ByteSchneiderei GmbH: 50 €
  • Membership fee by KlexHub UG (haftungsbeschränkt): 32 €